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This Business Continuity Plan has been established to meet the requirements of Cormark Securities Inc. and Cormark Securities (USA) Limited (“Cormark”) in the event of a significant business disruption.


Notice of Business Continuity Plans

At Cormark Securities Inc., we recognize that clients rely on our systems and services. We also recognize that the unexpected may occur, from simple situations to major outages. Our clients are assured that we have an extensive plan in place to safeguard their assets and protect vital account information in the event of a business disruption.

Cormark Continuity Planning Guidelines

Cormark has developed plans that include the ability to recover from situations including, but not limited to, unplanned evacuations, power outages, major water leaks, fire, severe weather, intentional acts and any facilities failures that may cause business interruption. Plans are designed to account for business interruptions of various lengths and scope, and require that Cormark is able to recover critical functions according to their time criticality. In order to maintain the security of these plans, Cormark does not provide the specific details in this notice, however, you should be aware that Cormark's corporate disaster recovery planning included the following:

  • Identification of all mission-critical systems and system backup, and recovery for such systems
  • A review of financial and operational risks
  • If one of our telephone systems were to become unavailable for any reason, we would re-route calls to our other offices
  • Alternate communications between Cormark and its clients
  • Employee safety strategies and communications
  • Systems and telecommunications accessibility
  • Alternate physical site location and preparedness

Designated Contingency Sites - There are pre-established, tested processes for rerouting of critical hotline numbers. In the event of a site outage, clients should experience minimal downtime in their ability to contact Cormark.

Notification to Clients - Procedures for notifying clients have been established for Cormark partners to follow in the event of an outage. Notification will include information regarding length of outage, instructions for contacting Cormark, and support information (e.g. where to send faxes, issues pertaining to data transmissions and communications).

Please note that Cormark's Business Continuity Plans are reviewed as necessary, and at least annually, to ensure they account for technology, business and regulatory changes, operations, structure or location. The plans are subject to change, and material changes will be reflected in an updated "Notice of Business Continuity Plans." You may obtain a current written copy of this notice by contacting a Cormark representative.

While no contingency plan can eliminate all risk of service interruption or temporarily impeded account access, we continually assess and update our plans to mitigate all reasonable risk. This disclosure is subject to modification.

Jeff Kennedy, CA
Managing Director,
Equity Capital Markets and Operations
Direct: (416) 943-6401
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