At Cormark, we have always believed a great investment bank is built through a strong connection to the capital markets. As such, we continue to cultivate a growing client base of institutional investors in North America, Europe, and overseas interested in Canadian-listed mid-cap and emerging growth companies.

Expansive World Wide Network of Accounts

850+ institutional investor accounts in Canada, the U.S., Europe and overseas

Global Coverage Platform based in Canada

Equity sales and trading professionals are primarily concentrated in Toronto, creating a hub where market intelligence is gathered and shared

Each team member represents clients across multiple geographies, providing global coverage

Strong Aftermarket Support

Top 3 trader of approximately 50 companies

Focused marketing catered to meet institutional demand

Enhancing Liquidity

Significant capital committed to our liability trading activities provides our clients with enhanced liquidity

Consistently amongs the top 10 traders by TSX volume

“We measure our capital markets success based on our trading market share in our universe of companies within our sectors of specialization, not the broader market. Concentrating both our human and financial capital on specific segments of the market allows us to provide the best execution for our institutional clients.”

– Scott Lamacraft, CFA | Executive Chairman

For more information about Sales & Trading please contact:
Chris Roy

Chris Roy, CFA

Managing Director,
Head of Institutional Equity Sales

Tim Foote

Tim Foote

Managing Director,
Head of Institutional Equity Trading